Work results 2: Connection between competence framework and seminar concept

(as of 19/03/2021)

The aim of the seminar concept Basic Competencies for Digitization (Basiskompetenzen Digitalisierung), which has been developed across universities and tested in practice, is to address orientation knowledge from all five outlined competency areas of the competency framework (F, R, G, M, E). It thus exemplifies which digitization-related basic competencies that all (prospective) teachers should acquire can be distilled from the competency framework and how these can be promoted.
Fig. 1: Seminar concept of the joint project "Basic Competencies in Digitization

The seminar concept (Fig. 1) can be divided into 13 sessions and four areas: Orientation (sessions 1-3+13), Informatics Education (sessions 4-7), Media Reflection (8) and Media Education (9-12).

The pilot seminar and the associated teaching-learning materials1 can be used by the collaborative universities as a "modular system" or as an orientation for developing their own offerings based on the outlined competency framework in order to anchor digitization-related basic competencies either integratively (e.g., in several existing modules) or additively (in a separate module) in the teacher training programs. Courses building on the basic competencies could also address in-depth/specialization competencies (e.g., teaching profession-specific or subject-specific).

Literature used: see here.

The seminar website can be found here.

1 The created teaching-learning materials can be accessed at the end of the project (June 2021) on the OER-Portal Niedersachsen or directly on the seminar website (Work in Progress) as Open Educational Resources (OER).

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