The Lower Saxony Association for Teacher Education is an alliance between all universities and colleges in Lower Saxony which educate prospective teachers, as well as the two state ministries which are responsible for the qualification of teachers.

The goal of the association is to collectively secure high and consistent standards of quality for teacher education in Lower Saxony among all institutions involved. The two focal points of the association’s efforts are a solid scientific background as well as a close-knit frame of reference to the profession of teaching.

Taking into account the interests and duties of all parties involved, the Lower Saxony Teacher Association expresses overarching goals for future development and coordinates their implementation.


The Lower Saxony Association for Teacher Education was founded in 2002, its main intent being to support the restructuring of academic teacher education from the former German model of “Staatsexamen” into the EU-wide system of Bachelor and Master degrees. During this demanding process, the universities and colleges were able to cooperate intensively with the Lower Saxony Ministries for Education and for Science and Culture, joined also by the Senator for Education in Bremen. Thanks to the cooperative efforts of all parties involved, the new system of academic qualification of prospective teachers was implemented successfully.

The experiences of this endeavour set precedent for the potential of cooperation between all parties involved in the administration of teacher education in Lower Saxony. The alignment of ideas and interests as well as open discussions about development and goals of teacher education programmes on a statewide level proved crucial for maintaining a high standard of qualification. From the project-based panel thus grew the Lower Saxony Association for Teacher Education, holding quad-annual meetings to further improve and develop the academic qualification of teachers in Lower Saxony. In 2015, the administration office was established in order to support and coordinate the association’s work.

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